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Ben Talplacido
Interactive Creative Art Director
San Diego, California
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  • Established track record leading interactive design and development projects for global brands and high profile international clients.
  • Proven ability to create award winning work with diverse multi-vendor, multi-agency creative and development environments.
  • Capable of integrating client business requirements into marketing strategy and creative design and technology development.
  • Extensive experience designing web sites that utilize complex front-end and back-end technology, using the industry’s best user interface design methods and user-centered usability standards.
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Travis Wolff - Independent Advisors & Accountants
Double D Ranchwear - Women's Lifestyle Brand
Distribion - Distributed Marketing
Aidan Gray - Home Furnishings
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"Ben greats everyone with a smile. His positive attitude and can-do spirit make him a valuable addition to any project. I've had the pleasure of working with Ben on and off through much of his business life as an Internet professional. I've always been impressed with Ben's work ethic, talent for visual design, creative thought process, and entrepreneurial spirit."
John South, President & CEO
FS3 Interactive
"How Does He Do It? The most amazing thing about Ben's work is that his work is always something new and different. Over the years I have seen so many one-trick-pony-creative-directors. But definitely NOT Ben. We have worked on many, many projects together and each is consistently his best work. He creates concepts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly interactive, well organized and right on strategy. On top of all this he really is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. Ben easily receives my highest recommendation for Creative Director."
Twila J. Vogelsass, COO and Managing Partner,
TAG | The Alamo Group
"Ben is a intense student of design and internet communications. He understands visual language and can take concepts and expand them across interactive timezones with remarkable facility. I’m always impressed with his work."
Alan Lidji, Principal
Lidji Design Office
"I have had the pleasure of working with Ben off and on since 1999. He is simply one of the very few people in our field who 'get it'. Ben is instinctively able to ferret out what works best on a site and usability testing proves his theories true. Ben is a fantastic visual designer with great illustrating skills as well. As he has grown in the space his skills have extended to managing both creative and technical teams, and he is able to effectively shephard competing projects and deadlines through the project lifecycle. He's a great thinker and a valuable asset to any team that seeks to be well rounded."
Justin Anderson
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